Red is a short and simple RPG style retelling of Little Red Riding Hood aimed at younger players. This is an entry to LowRezJam 2019.


  • Keyboard: Arrow keys to move, x to interact.
  • Touchscreen: Touch and drag on left side of screen to move, tap right side of screen to interact.

Relive Little Red Riding Hood! Take cake and wine to Grannie! Find flowers! Do things for other people! Interact with stuff! Explore a DEEP DARK WOOD! Find a hidden village! Talk to villagers and a Big Bad Wolf! Read dad jokes on signs! Listen to 8 bit nursery rhymes!

Red is a working prototype of a non-violent, quest driven RPG-like for kids (big and small). It's intended to give an introduction to RPG's which is simple to play - e.g. using big sprites (at 64x64 res anyway) so characters are identifiable, using a grid movement to avoid getting 'stuck', flip style screens to help navigation. Hopefully it will also aim at developing memory, simple problem solving, map navigation and digital skills.

I'm not sure how successfully it achieves the above, but seems like a good starting point! There's an awful more I wanted to add and will aim to in a later update - mini-games, additional quests, hidden areas, achievements etc.

Red is based on the Perrault version of the tale which is a little less known that the Grimm version. Average play time of the whole thing is about 15 minutes.

All assets, music and coding by me, except the tree sprite which was taken from Blowhard 2: Blow Harder by Surt ( Palette stolen from Pico-8 ( Font by Kenney ( Character sprites are heavily inspired by early Pokemon sprites. Music is a medley of nursery rhymes (a-tisket a-tasket, mary mary quite contrary, mary had a little lamb and goosey goosey gander) played on a Pocket Operator Robot ( I used Phaser 3 ( as a game engine, NippleJS ( for the touch screen controls and created the sprites in doteditor on iOS.

Oh, by the way, I still haven't worked out how to make crisp games on Microsoft browsers - best on anything other than Edge or IE...

Thanks for playing!


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withPhaser
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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Very nice little game. It was fun exploring. I don't think the fisherman added anything to the game, meaning not needed.

Is it OK for me to make a 3D remake of this, if I credit you with link to this game?

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! The fisherman was a last minute addition which needs to be improved - I ran out of time in the jam!

I'm going to develop this further, including a possible 3d or 2.5d makeover in the near future, so I'm not going to endorse a remake at this point. There's nothing to stop you being inspired by it though - the base story is public domain! Thanks for your interest!