The Legend of Fangury is a classic action adventure platformer in the style of Metal Slug, Random Heroes, Goblin Sword, Sword of Xolan etc.

Defeat the Evil Wizard, rescue the Princess and collect 3 coins in each level!


Onscreen controls for mobile devices

Arrow keys = move

Z key = jump

X key = shoot

This is my entry for the Lowrezjam 2016

Designed and developed by me, with loads of support and help from Michael Savill and Kevin Brown.

Music: Neogauge by Rolemusic:

SFX: LittleRobotSoundFactory (

Oh, by the way, this looks rubbish on IE, try a different browser (couldn't work out the problem)!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPhaser


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Hi, is there an e-mail I can get so that I can contact one of the developers about putting this game on another website? I am an intern for, a discovery site for different videogames. If I had an e-mail I could connect you to one of the heads of the site and see about getting you on it. Thanks

Excellent. KB play takes some practice. =)

Nice little game :)