The first HTML5 game I made, more of a prototype than a finished game. Classic platformer - avoid the traps and rescue the princess!

Once upon a time, 10 Second Knight fell in love with a Princess. The evil wizard also liked the Princess and became jealous of 10 Second Knight. To win the girl, the wizard kidnapped her and cursed the knight. You must rescue the Princess!

You have 10 seconds to complete each level before the wizard's curse vapourises you.

Use arrow keys or onscreen buttons to move. Touch anywhere on the screen to continue.

Sprites have been uploaded to Open Game Art here:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPhaser


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i have seen your source code, i think is wonderful so many things i don´t understand, would love a tutorial btw, good job


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! This was done in an old version of Phaser and was one of my first projects, so the code isn't very good... I'll look into tutorials!